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ETI – Beyond the Bell is a community-based human services agency that provides services that are designed to help young people successfully complete their education, enter the workforce, and mature into productive citizens. ETI – Beyond the Bell was founded in 2002 by Myron and Tausha Mayberry. We serve youth and families from Oklahoma City, specifically targeting youth on the North side of the metropolitan area. We have successfully worked with Oklahoma's youth and families, schools, and other community resources providing school support, after-school programs, behavioral health services, and family support programs. We believe that all children should be provided a chance to be successful and happy.

There are over 8,700 hours in a year. If we account for 8 hours of sleep each day and the 1,200 hours spent in school each year, there are still over 4,600 hours left each year for other activities. Children may use this time to study, go to church, play outside, play video games, go to the mall, etc. Unfortunately, these positive activities will only take up a portion of the free time. What happens outside of school, sleep, and the traditionally positive activities provides the bulk of the socialization of these children.

ETI – Beyond the Bell provides supportive individual and group activities designed to partner with parents that promote additional structured activities to all of our clients. We have found that younger children and teenagers respond very well to our approach and have seen outstanding outcomes throughout the years.

Monday - Feb 20, 2012 11:29 am
A Letter from the Director

I am very excited to share that Effective Transitions, Incorporated is celebrating 10 years of serving Oklahoma City’s youth and families!

As a part of our growth, I would like to announce that we have updated our name and mission.

The mission of ETI – Beyond the Bell is to enhance opportunities for the children and families of Oklahoma City through the design, implementation, and integration of community-based behavioral health, education, and developmental services.

2011 provided our agency with several great opportunities to more greatly fulfill our core mission and to focus on our community in a way that has developed great partnerships and collaborations.

Finally, I feel that ETI-Beyond the Bell has been blessed to have a staff of committed community-members to provide our services and we are excited about the upcoming year!

Myron Mayberry
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